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Electronic World Podcast
60 Minutes of Electronic Dance Music!
Category: Trance
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Just a dude who likes to mix. Been mixing since 2009. That makes me feel old.

by Taylor Dudley
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November 16, 2016 10:44 AM PST

I can't wait! Here's my mix to throw in the proverbial bucket (a really big trance bucket with rainbows and unicorns and LASERZ!)

Photographer - Infinity
M.I.K.E. Push - Infinite Lives
Estigma, Tasso - Burning Angel (Estigma Remix)
Sean Tyas ft. Cindy Zanotta - Start Over (Sean Tyas Remix)
M.I.K.E. Push - Nova Artes
Space Raven - Konstantine
F.G. Noise - Exploration
Indecent Noise, UCast - Strikeforce (UCast Remix)
James Dymond - Carry Me Away
Custis Young, ReOrder - Devil Tricks
Richard Durand - Proxima C
Smith & Brown - Human Resources
Ronald De Foe & The Cracken - Shocker
Chris Schweizer & Heatbeat - Samurai
Scot Project - W5 (Waiting For)

November 16, 2016 07:25 AM PST

Ok bare with me for a moment. I am about to be a bit verbose (who, me? never!).

The day I took this mix down was a sad day. It had got lost in the buried episodes pile and not many people are going to download or play a mix that isn't your newest or oldest.

Being a DJ isn't just throwing a bunch of tracks together while following your "camelot wheel" (or not for the some who still do it by ear - although it is a time saver...hearing something doesn't fit either pitch, style, etc isn't exactly aerospace engineering, yes I am being snarky...rocket science isn't actually something real...just a nice phrase).

Anyway this mix for me was when my sound as a DJ really started to come through the speakers. I got into DJing from listening to amazing mixes that were complete journeys, where every aspect of the set/mix is shaped exactly the way the DJ wanted it to be shaped. This is much easier said than done.

Everything that goes into that journey...track selection, track location, length of time a track is played, transition used (style, creativity, how it manipulates the energy/emotion - more on this in a moment), BPM, when to play vocals/when not to, general thematic elements (telling a story not just playing tracks...although wedding DJs make a lot more money than me...so there is that), so much etc.

A track that might sound amazing as intro might be terrible in the middle of the mix, or vice versa, or nam quod ubique est (go Google translate!).

Anyway to wrap this up...creating a mix that sounds (in every way you could possibly imagine) the exact way you as a DJ want it is very, very hard. I'm not saying that this mix is that. My sound was still raw, but you can hear it permeate...it is MY sound. I hope at least one person reads this and appreciates the insight.

P.S. I have tons of favorite famous DJs...if they are doing a mix and they take me away from their journey with a bad transition or whatever then I most often turn off the mix. Perfection is perhaps impossible, but striving for your best and realizing what "best" is as a DJ is important. Don't settle for hearing tracks being played no matter who is DJing...not even me (like I'm that self-important haha). Demand excellence and follow the vibes.

PLUR (Respect not responsibility tongue Unless you're a K-hole head...then responsibility because you're too busy staring at your own body while laying in the grass to interact with anything that demands respect...well the grass...lay soft my friend(s).

Statica, Mike Foyle - Shades Of Red (Intro Mix)
Fyrsta, Anhken - If Not Me (Norin & Rad Remix)
Omnia, The Blizzard - My Inner Island
Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren - Brute (Original Extended Mix)
MaRLo - Whispers
SHato & Paul Rockseek - Wonderfooled (Radion 6 Remix)
Audrey Gallagher, Mark Eteson - Breathe On My Own
Sarah Howells, TyDi - Acting Crazy ft. Sarah Howells (Tom Fall Remix)
Jon O'Bir - Music Database
Solis, Sean Truby - Loaded (Ben Gold Remix)
Myon & Shane 54 - Futuristic
Paul Oakenfold - Full Moon Party
Ashley Wallbridge, Gareth Emery - Mansion
Mike Sonar - Reborn
Michael Jay Parker - Canberra
Sequentia - Eclipse (Broning Remix)
Fafaq - Rocket Fuel
Ben Gold, Gareth Emery - Flash
Tilt - I Dream (Nick Rowland Full Length Remix)

November 12, 2016 08:03 AM PST

Updated with tracklist! (17.11.16 - got to be all Europe with my calendar formar giggle

I am just going to assume everyone knows that all these tracks are by Infected Mushroom to save me typing it once and then copy pasta 12 more times...yep...that lazy...Well except the first track hah.

Aphex Twin - Didgeridoo vs Infected Mushroom - Albibeno (TayLs Mashup)
I Wish
B.P. Empire
Yanko Pitch
Frog Machine
The Legend of the Black Shawarma
Pink Nightmares
Hush Mail
Apogiffa Night
Smashing the Opponent
Scorpion Frog

November 11, 2016 06:13 AM PST

Shameboy - Strobot (Netsky Remix) [Radar Records]
Greg Packer - Sound Kriminal ft. MC Assassin [Interphase Digital]
S.P.Y., Marcus Intalex - Triband [Soul:r]
Marcus Intalex - Steady [Soul:r]
Mindscape - Bounce [Commercial Suicide]
Bcee - Generations (S.P.Y. Remix) [Spearhead Records]
Mind Vortex - Onslaught [RAM Records]
Phetsta - Prism [Technique Recordings]
Smooth - Micro [Viper Recordings]
Phetsta - Disco Dog [Technique Recordings]
D1, Jenna G - Flood of Emotions ft. Jenna G (Enei D&B Mix) [Dub Police Records]
S.P.Y., Lenzman, Total Science - Narrow Margin [Subtitles Music (UK)]
Loadstar - BLVD [RAM Records]
Vaski - Spacemen (Carrier Remix) [Play Me Too Records]
Jess Mills, Breakage - Fighting Fire (Loadstar Remix) [Digital Soundboy Recording Co]
Makoto - Good Old Days [Innerground]
Hybris, Noisia - Crystalline [Invisible]
Cyantific - Obey [Cyantific]
Crystal Clear - Pure Thought [Frontline]
Fred V, Grafix - One Of These Days [Mainframe Recordings]
Nero (UK) - Me & You (Dirthyphonics Remix) [MTA Records]

November 11, 2016 06:11 AM PST

Nocturnal & Hybris - Pryamids
Rollz - Plugged In (Bassnectar Remix)
Noisia & Phace - Program
Shimon - The Shadow Knows (Dirtyphonics Remix)
Camo & Krooked - Breezeblock
ShockOne ft. Phetsa - Crucify Me Pt. 1
Tantrum Desire - Play Tonight
Mark Instinct & Bare - Murder Machine ft. Dieselboy
Figure - Super Mega Death Ray (Drumstep Mix)
FS & Reid Speed - Bass Monster (Calverton Remix)
Gein & Blaqcix - Definition
Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Dirtyphonics Remix)
Mind Voxtex - Generator
Black Sun Empire & Counterstrike - Traum
Marky & S.P.Y. - Mystic Sunset
Hamilton - Soundboy VIP
Mindscape ft. Ryme Tyme - Sickness (Zero Method Remix)
Pilot Priest - Body Double (Phace Remix)
Culture Shock - Machine
Noisia - Regurgitate
DC Breaks - Take That VIP
SchoolBoy - No Autotune
2dB - Bass Face
Seven Lions - Days To Come ft. Fiora (AU5 & I.Y.F.F.E. Remix)
dRamatic & dbAudio - Entrance To Jericho
Skeptical - Static
Tantrum Desire - Guided Rhythm
Fourward - Streetknowledge
Fourward ft. Youthstar - Aftermath
Danny Byrd - Love You Like This
Wilkinson ft. Iman - Need To Know
Skibadee & Lily McKenzie - Never Gonna Break
Tristam & Braken - Flight
The Upbeats - Undertaker
High Maintenance - Freedom

November 11, 2016 06:08 AM PST

Fleur - Turn The Lights On (The Prototypes Vocal Mix)
The Prototypes - Suffocate
DC Breaks - Shaman
Maztek - Limber
Mellefresh vs. Deadmau5 - Sex Slave (Dank (USA) Remix)
SchoolBoy - No Autotune
2dB - Bass Face
Seven Lions - Days To Come ft. Fiora (AU5 & I.Y.F.F.E. Remix)
dRamatic & dbAudio - Entrance To Jericho
Skeptical - Static
Tantrum Desire - Guided Rhythm
Fourward - Streetknowledge
Fourward ft. Youthstar - Aftermath
Danny Byrd - Love You Like This
Wilkinson ft. Iman - Need To Know
Skibadee & Lily McKenzie - Never Gonna Break
Tristam & Braken - Flight
The Upbeats - Undertaker
High Maintenance - Freedom

November 11, 2016 06:03 AM PST

Kind of on a dnb/drumstep kick. Stay with me everyone. tongue

LSB ft. Sophia Wardman - If You're Here
Eastcolors - Toys
Nymfo - Headbangers Ball
Kove - Gobble
Sub Focus - Turn Mack Time (Metrik Remix)
State of Mind - Bigger Faster Stronger
June Miller - Empathy
The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot
Dub Phizix - The Clock Ticks
Ivy Lab - Baby Grey
Rawtekk - Photone Recruits
Dimension - Crowd Reaction
TC - Get Down Low
Cyantific - Ice Cream
Them Lost Boys & Gummy - War Horse
Black Sun Empire & Noisia - Hideous
Loadstar ft. Jenn D - Losing You VIP
Loadstar - Give It To Me (DC Breaks Remix)
Metrik & Friction - Legacy
Lynx ft. Newsome - Take Back The Night
Taxman ft. Diane Charlemagne - Rebirth
Andy C - Haunting
Total Science ft. Grimm - Another Time
Teddy Killerz & Aeph - Mistrust
Teddy Killerz - New Drums (Neonlight Remix)
Kove - Melisma
Lynx - Shimmy
Loxy & Resound - Oblivion

November 10, 2016 03:18 AM PST

Maarten De Jong - Wave Glider
Ashley Wallbridge - Yin Yang
Above & Beyond - Walter White
Estiva - Teddybeat
Matt Davey ft. Kate Dowman - Sunrise (Here I Am)
Mike Foyle & ReFeel - Legacy (Rafael Frost Remix)
Simon Patterson - Thump (Simon Patterson 2013 Remix)
Ferry Corsten - Black Light
Heatbeat - #BOOM
Chris Schweizer - The Kraken
Orjan Nilsen - Violetta
Timur Shafiev & Mimax - Something Beautiful
Cosmic Gate - Storm Chaser (KhoMha Remix)
Tempo Giusto & Mike Koglin - Crunk
Rex Mundi - Seek & Destroy
MaRLo ft. Sarah Swagger - Always Be Around (MaRLos Tech-Energy Remix)
Rank 1 - Floorlifter
Ben Gold - Amplified
Giuseppe Ottaviani with Ferry Corsten - Magenta

November 10, 2016 02:16 AM PST

Elevation - Stadium Control
KhoMha - Asylum
Dan Thompson - Altitude
Purple Stories - Pandorum
Elevation vs Grube & Hovsepian - Fair Winds
Ilan Bluestone - Big Ben
Andy Moor - Fade to Light
Jorn van Deynhoven - New Horizons (ASOT 650 Anthem) (Mark Sixma Remix)
Will Atkinson pres. Darkboy - Atkinsane
Dakota - CLXXV
Omair Mirza - Chain Reaction
W&W - Ghost Town
Orjan Nilsen - The Late Anthem (Way Too Late Mix)
Bogdan Vix - Providance
Faruk Sabanci & Yilmaz Altanhan - Eighties 2014
Arnej - Fusion
Alexandre Bergheau - Symptom
Aerofoil - Phase 2 Face (Club Mix)
Aaron Camz - Emission
M.I.K.E. Push - Astrolab
Mr. Pit - Nasty Beats

November 10, 2016 02:08 AM PST

The renaissance of 140 really started in the winter of 2014. I jumped on. Hard stuff all the way!

John 00 Fleming - Healing (Simon Templar Remix)
Aly & Fila ft. Karim Youssef - Laily (Photographer Remix)
John Askew - Shine
Cold Blue - Black Rock
Stephane Badey - Cronos
Will Atkinson - Isolator
XGenic - Ignition
Jordan Suckley & Eddie Bitar - Centipede
Aly & Fila ft. Jaren - End of the Road (John O'Callaghan Remix)
Aly & Fila ft. Rafif - Mother Nature (Bryan Kearney Remix)
Dreamy - The Life I Chose
Bryan Kearney - Te Amo
Aly & Fila & Giuseppe Ottaviani - Brilliant People (Mark Sherry Remix)
Bryan Kearney & Indecent Noise - Uncommon World
Fady & Mina vs Geert Huinink - I'm Not Gonna Fall Behind
Gareth Emery - U (Bryan Kearney Remix)
Abstract Vision - Rocket (Photographer Remix)
Indecent Noise - Warsaw (Tech Edit)
Will Atkinson - Unknown Lifeform
John Askew - Mechanism
Jordan Suckley & Paul Webster - HELP!
Jordan Suckley - Access
Lee Osborne - End of the Line
Armin van Buuren - Ping Pong (Simon Patterson Remix)
Activa - Antimatter

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